SW 60/80 Series



The SWC-Series is a continuous operating high speed shrink wrapping machine. The already grouped formation of products will be shrink wrapped with a film and the two ends simply overlap. The formation will then arrive in the tunnel which is being heated and the film will be laminated. An accurately tight shrink pack is discharged from the machine. The capacity is up 80 packs per minute in single lane. In the optional available double or triple lane execution the capacities are up to 160 respective 240 packaging per minute.


The unique design of the product infeed and the pre-grouping sections as well as the flexibility of the forming station makes it possible to run all type of product sizes and shapes. The size change is fast, easy and accurate without any special tools over hand wheels and digital read out. The quick film threader system "Tänzer" allows easy threading and therefore reduces the down-time for film roll changing. The film transport via servo controlled vacuum belt band assures an accurate film feeding to the folding bar.


Smooth handling of the film due to pneumatic soft regulation of the "Tänzer". The controllable film knives (rotating tooth knife) allow a precise, no-draught film cut. Modular design ensures high flexibility: package with Tray, Pad and/or film. Quick start-up with completely wired control cabinet.