Wrap-Around & Tray Case Packers

Innovative Machine Concepts


Solid and modular design of our machines paired with the newest control and servo-drive technology stands for a high degree of efficiency, flexibility, reliability, quality and it is user-friendliness. The products are packed gently and economically, change over time are short. Low maintenance costs, quick delivery of spare parts und very experienced service engineers guarantee a reliable production for many years.



Easy Size Change


The size change of our machines is fast, easy and accurate without any special tools. The adjustments on the basic packer are done with hand wheels and digital read out. Optionally the complete machine can be equipped with fully automatic touchscreen operated size change system. This reduces the change over time and increase the availability of the machine and reduces manipulation errors.



Variety of Products & Pack Styles


Our innovative and high-flexible infeed and pre-grouping modules allowing the grouping and wrapping of all type of products, sizes and shapes cost effectively and efficiently. Wrap-around cases with inside or outside flap can be made just as well as Trays or Shelf Ready Packs with different shapes as rectangular, octagonal, trapezoidal, dome-style and stacking-edge-boxes.