WP 40/60 Series - Continous Motion



The PMC-Series offers a huge product variety, a wide format range and the capacity of up to 60 cycles per minute. The unique design of the product infeed and the pre-grouping sections as well as the flexibility of the forming station allow production of all type of product, sizes and shapes.


Corrugated and solid board blanks are formed to full size Wrap-Around cases, Trays or Shelf Ready Packages “SRP“. Flute size and top liner can be chosen for the optimal printing, even for high gloss finish. The free choice of the source of supply enables you to buy natural, environmental friendly and reusable packaging material at competitive prices.


The simple, self-explanatory operation is appreciated even by personnel with modest qualifications. Already after short training sessions the machine is mastered and well accepted by the operators. The solid construction, the almost wear free and easily accessible design as well as the worldwide availability of our standard components ensure low maintenance cost.